Business makes the world go ‘round…

and business guidance helps it go more smoothly.

In Adam Smith’s 1776 work entitled The Wealth of Nations, he describes the “invisible hand” in which each person’s pursuit of his or her own interest in market exchanges helps achieve socially desirable ends as well as maximum efficiency and a Darwinian evolution of goods and economies. The ability to self-regulate and achieve efficiencies is affected by monopolies and oligopolies, lobbying, tax preferences, governmental regulations, and other non-market forces.

Today’s business faces all of these obstacles. Well drafted agreements, knowing what can and can’t be done, knowing what to look for (and avoid) in transactions can all have a profound impact on the success of a venture. Who is advising you?

The Law Offices of Brian Irion has represented contractors, lessors and lessees, manufacturers of food and other products, service professionals, licensors, licensees, retail and internet companies, to name just a few.