Litigation cases come in all shapes and sizes…

from small to large, in state and federal courts, in administrative hearings, and span the full gamut of all that your business touches.
Competitors sue for unfair competition, employees sue under a host of employment-related laws, clients and customers sometimes won’t or can’t pay for goods or services provided, debts your business may have already collected may be the target of preference lawsuits by a trustee in bankruptcy; the list goes on. Sometimes, the litigation can be traced to a failure to adhere to best practices, or unartful contract language.

Not always.

Unfortunately, litigation is usually expensive. From pleading to discovery, to pretrial motions to trial, all the way to appeal, collection or bankruptcy, everything costs money. If your business can’t avoid litigation, can your attorney represent you from start to finish?

Brian Irion has been a practicing attorney, initially trained as a litigator and trial lawyer, since 1985. Since then, he has litigated in state trial courts, in administrative hearings, before arbitration panels, in bankruptcy courts, in federal district courts, and before appellate courts ever since. Before forming his own firm, he practiced with a number of small and large firms including Lewis, D’Amato Brisbois & Bisgaard; Wilson, Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati; McKenna & Fitting; and Cohen, England & Whitfield in Ventura County.