Bankruptcy Insights & Analysis

FAQs for Individual Debtors

Where can I get basic information How much does bankruptcy cost? Do I need to pay the entire fee up front? Can I file without my spouse? How long does it take? Will this affect my credit score? Is information about my bankruptcy case publicly available? What if I don’t qualify for a Chapter 7 […]

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What Must a Chapter 13 Plan Do?

What Must a Chapter 13 Plan Do? When a debtor cannot file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, either because he cannot pass the means test, because of a too recent prior bankruptcy, or other reason, he usually will file for protection under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy code. Chapter 13 is somewhat like Chapter 7 […]

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Homesteads and Bankruptcy Planning: the best laid plans of mice, men and debtors….

While bankruptcy planning is permitted, changes made to the bankruptcy code in 2005 have constrained efforts to convert non-exempt assets into a homestead exemption.  New section 522(o) provides that the value of an interest in a homestead exemption is reduced to the extent the homestead exemption is attributable to non-exempt property that the debtor disposed of […]

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